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Arts & Culture: Introduction

Information on Arts & Culture in our area and throughout the state.

Baton Rouge Traditions

The Louisiana Folklife Survey is an ongoing project of the Louisiana Folklife Program which seeks out traditional artists and communities and documents them through interview, tape, and/or film. The Louisiana Folklife Survey Form can be used by professional folklorists and community members. The form enables us to gather information about individuals in a simple, straightforward manner. Information from the survey forms is added to the Louisiana Folklife Database. Click here for more information.

The Baton Rouge Folklife Survey is a new project focusing specifically on the capital area. The East Baton Rouge Parish Library, along with community partners, is seeking to develop a series of programs highlighting the cultural heritage of the city, beginning with the findings of Louisiana State University's Urban Ethnography course, led by Dr. Joyce Marie Jackson. Stay tuned for more information.

Arts & Culture in LA

Louisiana is a rich cultural and artistic gumbo. It is the birthplace of jazz, whose musical influence is global.

Louisiana has three distinct cultural geographies (north Louisiana, south Louisiana, and New Orleans) that support diverse cultural heritages, and the state's broad and sophisticated cuisine is world-renowned.

This guide will help you explore the richness that is Louisiana's artistic and cultural heritage. 

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