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OverDrive for Chromebooks: What is a Chromebook

read or download ebooks, audiobooks and streaming videos on a Chomebook




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A Chromebook is a laptop or notebook that runs Google's Chrome OS, a browser-based

operating system.


  • Libby
  • Overdrive for Android
  • Kindle's Cloud Reader for Chromebooks (for Kindle Books)

Compatible formats

  • MP3 audiobooks
  • Adobe and Open EPUB eBooks
  • OverDrive Read eBooks
  • Kindle Books (U.S. only)
  • Streaming video (in the Chrome browser)

What format work on Chromebooks

What formats work on a Chromebook?


On a Chromebook, you can borrow and read some eBooks straight from your web browser

using OverDrive Read. You can also watch streaming video in your browser.

If you install OverDrive for Chromebook, you can also download and enjoy EPUB eBooks 

and MP3 audiobooks.

Supported formats

  • EPUB eBooks: EPUB eBooks are compatible with many devices, including
  • Chromebooks. Using OverDrive's app, you can add bookmarks to an EPUB eBook,
  • look up words in the dictionary, change the font size and layout, and more.
  • MP3 audiobooks: MP3 audiobooks are compatible with many devices,
  • including Chromebooks. OverDrive's MP3 audiobooks are divided into parts
  • for faster downloading. Using OverDrive's app, you can also add bookmarks to
  • an MP3 audiobook and set a sleep timer.
  • OverDrive Read eBooks: OverDrive Read is a browser-based reader that
  • works in any supported browser. This means that you don't have to download
  • or install software in order to start reading.
  • Kindle Books (U.S. only): You can use your Chromebook to borrow
  • Kindle Books from your library and send them to a Kindle device or
  • Kindle reading app.
  • Streaming video: Streaming video is a browser-based service. Like OverDrive Read,
  • you don't have to install extra software to watch streaming video titles. You can only
  • get streaming video using your web browser; this format does not work in
  • OverDrive's app.