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Baton Rouge City Key: Maps & Data Features

About the Baton Rouge City Key

Maps & Data Overview

Maps & Data Features

Community Dashboard

The Community Dashboard allows you to view all available indicators for a particular neighborhood and view them by topic or by status (red / yellow / green).

Disparities Dashboard

This tool allows you to view indicator breakout information such as age, gender, race/ethnicity. The disparities dashboard is organized by primary category (health, education, public safety) and then sub-categories (cancer, diabetes, school environment, crime).

What is the SocioNeeds Index?

The SocioNeeds Index is a measure of socioeconomic need that is correlated with poor health outcomes. It is displayed on an interactive map where visitors can identify which zip codes in their community have the highest level of socioeconomic need compared to their region and the United States.

What is a promising practice?

Promising practices are best practices related to health or quality of life that have been found to be useful in improving the health of a community in some way. Healthy Communities Institute has identified a wealth of promising practices from around the country and internationally. They are a helpful way to identify strategies for making improvements in your community without reinventing the wheel. Healthy Communities Institute makes distinctions between practices that have been thoroughly and scientifically reviewed (Evidence Based) from those that have undergone less rigorous (Effective Practice), or perhaps no evaluation (Good Idea).

Report Tools

Report Assistant: This tool can be used to run a customized report that will contain content from this site that you can either save or share with others based on keywords or topics of interest.

Indicator Comparison Report: This tool allows you to view multiple indicators at a time, which could be useful if you are focusing on a particular topic area and would like to view various indicators related to that particular topic area side by side. You can also use this tool to view a single indicator across multiple locations such as county, census tract and zip code.