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Genealogy: Canary Islanders

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Los Isleños Heritage and Cultural Society began to evolve in 1975 from work undertaken by St. Bernard Parish Historian Emeritus Frank Fernandez in conjunction with New Orleans Public Television Station WYES. Fernandez organized a group of septuagenarian and octogenarian oral history informants whose interviews formed the basis of a documentary entitled "Louisiana's Disappearing Spanish Legacy." The documentary first aired in September 1975 and generated great enthusiasm in the St. Bernard Isleño Community.


Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society


The society's newsletter about the events, classes, activities, and history of  St. Bernard Parish and the traditions of the Islenos culture:


Islenos Newsletter


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The Genealogy of the Canary Islands


Jonathan West's 2009 University of New Orleans thesis on Canary Islanders of St. Bernard Parish:

Negotiating Heritage