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Genealogy: Newspapers

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Death Notices from Louisiana Papers

This is a copy of the source list for each volume of the series.  Each volume covers a range of parishes and years. The call number is G LA 976.3 M648d

LSU Newspapers

The library at LSU has a significant collection of newspapers on microfilm. View the tree chart to see the name changes of various papers over time and related newspapers. Click the link below to see the LSU collection information.

Newspapers on microfilm in the Genealogy collection

The Goodwood Library houses all available issues of the Advocate, as well as some of its predecessors.


All may include scattered issues.

Republic. 3/19/1822-8/30/1823

Baton Rouge Gazette. 3/3/1827-2/14/1835, 1837-1840 scattered issues, 1/2/1841-1/29/1853

Daily Comet. 9/1 /1852-2/2/1856

Weekly Comet. 5/29/1853-12/30/1855

Morning Comet. 2/5/1856-12/27/1856

Daily Gazette and Comet.  12/30/1856-12/29/1860

Weekly Gazette and Comet. 12/27/1856-5/17/1862, 8/29/1863-6/27/1868, 9/27/1872, 3/22/1873

Baton Rouge Tri-Weekly Gazette and Comet. 7/1/1865-6/30/1868, 6/10/1869-3/18/1873

Louisiana Capitolian. 2/8/1879-1/17/1882 Weekly Truth. 9/9/1882-12/17/1886

New Orleans Bee. 7/1 /1870-6/30/1906

Louisiana Newspaper Access Program - LaNeAP