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Genealogy: Adoption Searches

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about Adoption searches

Adoptees seeking information about a birth parent have a difficult genealogical task. Most of the genealogy materials in the Main Library at Goodwood's Genealogy Collection pre-date the time frame for many search inquiries. That does not mean it is impossible. The collection has a number of books that will assist with strategy and planning. Keep in mind this very personal search will affect you deeply and prepare to understand the ways in which it will change you.

The links to websites in the box to the left will help you explore and discover the law and social contexts of this type of search. The books listed here will give you a broad spectrum of the journey you are about to make.  The library staff can help answer questions about where to find other resources.

Other related topics

New York Foundling Hospital-est. 1869. Some apprentice records and indentures may be filed in U.S. county civil courts.

Children's Aid Society- sent 100,00 west on Orphan Trains

New England Home for little Wanderers- no lists or names, just history

Orphan Voyage- formed by Jean Paton in 1953 who spoke out about the flaws in the system

Adoptees' Liberty Movement Association- 1971, Founded by Florence Fisher

Post adoption searches