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IRS Tax Centers provide links to IRS web pages specific to business owners and tax professionals with the small business community

The IRS Tax Site

We know you think the Internal Revenue Service is out to get you, but this government agency really does provide a lot of help on its website, On the IRS site you'll find forms, tax calculators, instructions, tax tables and much more for both individuals and businesses.

For individuals, the Tax Trails area covers deductions, credits, taxable income and other topics.  If you're in the military, there is a special tab that deals with issues unique to those who serve.  If you earn income abroad, you have special tax issues and there's a section just for you too.  Business owners are covered under the Business tab.  You can find tax information concerning partnerships, corporations, self-employment, and international businesses.

The IRS knows you have questions, so there's a Frequently Asked Questions area that covers the most common questions.  This is a VERY useful section!

So don't let the IRS intimidate you -- make it WORK for you.  Visit the IRS website and get your tax season off to a great start!

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