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Antiques & Collectibles: Prices4Antiques Digital Resource

Highlighting events and resources at the library dealing with antiques and collectibles.

Value Your Treasures

About p4A Antiques Reference

Prices4Antiques Database has information drawn from the fifty leading regional auction houses located throughout the United States, plus other selected specialist auctions. In it, you’ll find pictures of hundreds of antiques and collectibles offered at auction. The sale prices are included and often there are auction notes about the item.

p4A Antiques Reference is so good, it's used by the experts on Antiques Roadshow!

Access p4A Antiques here.

What You'll Find

Here are some examples of what you'll find listed:

Advertising, autographs, banks, books, bottles, china, clocks, dolls, firearms, folk art, furniture, glass, instruments, kitchen, lighting, music, paintings, pewter, porcelain, posters, pottery, rugs, sculptures, silver, sports memorabilia, tools, toys, vintage clothing, war memorabilia.

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