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e-Learning: More Gale Courses

Take courses, learn new skills. Have fun with lifelong learning.

Gale Courses for Personal Money Management

Whether you need help managing your monthly bills or you want ideas to grow your wealth, these courses can take you to the next level of personal money management.

Gale Courses for Fun

If you just want to explore new interests, Gale Courses (formerly Learn4Life) is a great place.  There are lots of courses you can take just for fun.

Gale Courses for Non-Profits

If you've just joined a nonprofit board or if you're a long-time board member who wants a refresher on current nonprofit leadership, these courses could be just the ticket.  Learn how to incorporate, select a board of directors, write bylaws, craft a mission statement, obtain tax-exempt status, develop a budget, create a marketing plan, explore fundraising options, and more.