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History of Scotlandville High School: Scotlandville Magnet High School

Before it became a magnet school

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History of Scotlandville Magnet High School


              There have always been elementary schools, both public and private, in the Scotlandville community, but the only public high school for, people of color, in the whole of south Louisiana was McKinley in South Baton Rouge until Capitol Jr. Sr. High School was opened in 1950.  Prior to Capitol’s opening, students from the community of Scotlandville who wished to go to high school rode the public transportation to McKinley and later on to Capitol. 

            In 1952 a public school was constructed on Elmgrove Garden Drive with classes starting at grades seventh and eighth and each year a grade was added to the high school and in 1956 members of the first graduating class received diplomas.

            Four years later a new senior high school was completed on Baker Road (Highway 19).  The former high school became Scotlandville Junior High (later Middle School), offering grades 6-8, and the newly built school on Baker Road was officially Scotlandville Senior High School in 1960. 

            Scotlandville High School evolved into a dedicated magnet school focusing on engineering in 1982 and in 1997 it became a three-tier school with educational programs for magnet and community students as well as an engineering professions curriculum.

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