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New Catalog: My Account

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Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments are now accepted through the My Account portal.  Check out the Credit Card Page for payment instructions!


In the new Catalog, Users can still sign in to their Account to renew items on loan, review their loan history, and see their balance.

New Account Button

My Account Welcome Page

A few continuing features of the new Catalog are the ability to look at items on loan, loan history, payment history, current reservations and reading lists.  See the red box below.

My Account Welcome page

My Account - New Features

There are a few new features available to users in their Account. 

1. Personal Data can be edited by the user now.  Users can update their email account address, and change their password.

Updating Personal Data

2. Linked Accounts are popular for people managing several accounts.  For example, a parent can link their children's accounts to their account.  Once a link is created, you can view and renew the items checked out to the linked account without needing to log into that account.

Linked Accounts

Reading Lists

1.  Once signed in to your account, click on Reading List.

The Reading List is the same thing as your savelist in the past catalog. 

2.  If you have a list, click on the "Personal savelist for ...." link to access it.

3.  Easy to manage list!