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Innovation Space @ Bluebonnet Regional Branch Library: Procedures, Agreements, Usage

Innovation Space Procedures, Agreements, and Usage




BBR Innovation Space Procedures

  • All makers entering the Innovation Space must have completed a badging course on the equipment they wish to use  

  • EBRPL staff reserves the right to halt, delete, or disallow the creation of items that violate EBRPL policy, including the creation of weapons, pornography, or illegal items  

  • Only library computers may be connected to library Makerspace equipment. Only cloud storage and flash drives are allowed for file storage.  

  • EBRPL’s Internet AccessRules of Behavior for Patrons apply to the Innovation Space, and the Makerspace Policy agreement apply to the Innovation Space

  • No Food or Drink permitted in the Innovation Space  

  • Only 2.85 mm filament supplied by the Library may be used in the 3D printers  

  • Individuals younger than 10 need a guardian with them in the space.  

  • The Innovation Space has Open Time for badged makers to work with the equipment. 3D print jobs cannot exceed 4 hours of print time  

  • All reservations of the Innovation Space must be made online at   

  • 3D Printed Objects cost $0.05 per gram  

  • It is recommended that long hair be pulled back into a bun or ponytail so as to not get caught in any machinery  

  • Please keep in mind that other makers will use this space and equipment. Please treat all equipment with respect and care so that others may use it.  

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