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Library of Things: Family Activity Kits

Find out about all the wonderful things you can check out at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library!

General Information & FAQ

The Library has a brand-new family activity kit collection featuring six unique kits available for check-out. There is no charge for the borrowing or usage of family activity kits from the library.

Who can check out Family Activity Kits?

They are available for tween, teen, and adults, with library accounts in good standing.

How many Family Activity Kits can someone check out?

Only one Family Activity Kit can be checked out at a time per library account.

How long can Family Activity Kits be checked out for?

Family Activity Kits check out for one week and can be renewed up to two times.

What are the late fines for Family Activity Kits?

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library is now fine free! We will continue to set return dates for materials and send reminders for items not checked back in or renewed by those dates. Patrons will still be held responsible for lost or damaged items.

Why is a Family Activity Kit I just returned not on the shelf yet?

When Family Activity Kits are returned they are carefully checked for missing and/or damaged components before they are returned to the shelf. This process can take up to one week. 

When will I be charged for a Family Activity Kit?

If a Family Activity Kit is returned with equipment in an unusable state you will be charge for a replacement equipment. Due to the labor intensive nature of checking some Family Activity Kits, you may be contacted about replacement charges a week or more from your return date.

Are Family Activity Kits reservable?

Family Activity Kits cannot be reserved.

Where can a Family Activity Kit be returned?

They must be returned to the Circulation Desk at the Main Library, not through a return box.

Inner Child Kit

Inner Child Kit

Includes parachutes, jump ropes, four-square balls, and scooters. All provide physical activity!

The Inner Child Kit includes: 

3 partner parachutes

2 scooters

3 four square balls

3 jump ropes


Obstacle Course Kit

Obstacle Course Kit

Combine any of these items for a fun fitness-oriented obstacle course.

The Obstacle Course Kit includes:

3 small hurdles

1 fitness ladder

1 set of fitness dice  


Fantasy and Fun Kit

Fantasy Fun Kit

Enjoy an outdoor game of croquet with five other friends, and take turns jumping on the Moon Hopper between rounds.

The Fantasy Fun Kit includes:

1 deluxe croquet kit

1 moon hopper

Medieval Marathon Kit

Medieval Marathon Kit

Benefit from sparring, throwing, and lifting.

The Medieval Marathon Kit includes: 

6 soft lawn darts

12 bean bags

2 sword and shield sets


Get Fit Quick Kit

Get Fit Quick Kit

Make yourself fit faster, using various methods and equipment. Strengthen your core, arms, and legs.

The Get Fit Quick Kit includes: 

3 small hurdles

1 ab wheel

2 jump ropes


Yoga Kit

Yoga Kit

Yoga helps to control and quiet your mind, while physically improving strength, balance, and flexibility.

The Yoga Kit includes: 

2 yoga mats

2 foam yoga blocks

2 yoga straps

1 set of yoga bingo cards