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Learn about the artists of Baton Rouge

About Artist of Baton Rouge Infoguide

The Artists of Baton Rouge Infoguide is the place to find some of Baton Rouge's most revered artists' profiles and a sample of their work.  Each tab of the guide is dedicated to an individual artist where you will find information about their work, creative influences, and where to find their work in the Baton Rouge area.  Take a look around and enjoy! Email us or call with questions or comments!

Special Collections
Phone: 225-231-3752


Are you a Baton Rouge Artist?

Have you contributed to the arts in the Greater Baton Rouge area? If so, we would love to include you on our infoguide.  All we need are some images of the art you have created, a biography, and if applicable, links to other resources such as art galleries, museums, private collections, websites, etc. that house/posts your work.  If interested please email Emily Ward at or call 225-231-3752.