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One Book One Community 2024: Tasting History: About the Author

The Author: Max Miller

About the Author

Max Miller is the creator and host of the viral digital series Tasting History with Max Miller on YouTube. Prior to his YouTube stardom, Max was an employee of Walt Disney Studios in the marketing and film distribution departments. When the COVID-19 stay-at-home order went into effect in Los Angeles, Max was furloughed and began turning his passion for historic dishes into a self-taped video series. Within weeks of his first video on YouTube, Max’s channel and videos reached hundreds of thousands of viewers who wanted to learn more about historic dishes. Max’s channel has been covered in outlets like America’s Test Kitchen, ABC’s LocalishChowhoundFoodsidedGLAAD, KTLA Morning NewsA Hot Dog Is a Sandwich podcast, PopCultureRachael RayTodayUPROXX, and Yahoo!. Max currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with his husband, José, and their two cats.

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