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Government: Find Out If a Business in Louisiana Has Been Cited For an Environmental Issue?

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Need to report an environmental issue such as illegal dumping or chemical spill? Call LDEQ Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for assistance. (225) 219-3640

Have questions or need help with an environmental problem? Call the LDEQ Customer Service Center (225) 219-5337



The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has scanned all of its documents of Public Record going back to the year 2000 and these records are available through the agency’s Electronic Documents Management System (EDMS). Records include permits, assessments, letters issued and citations amongst others. Using the free online service it is possible for the public to view correspondence and in this case, find out if a specific company has had any compliance issues.

  • The first step is to log on to the EDMS website. From here you will be asked to create an account. 
  • After you have set up an account you are ready to search the database. The first screen you come to after logging in will be the ‘document search’ screen. Before using this to search for documents there is one more step to do first. Documents can only be searched by Agency Interest (AI) number rather than by name so you have to find the AI for the company you are looking for. To do this, click on the ‘Lookup AI’ option to the right of the first search box.
  • Under the ‘Agency Interest Search’ you can find the right company through a few different ways, you can search by the company name, the physical address or the mailing address. You can look down the list of results and select the company you want to view or make a note of the AI number. Then follow the link back to the ‘Document Search’ page.
  • If you put the number in the ‘document search’ box and press run, it will bring up a full list of all documents on file about that company. You can browse through these which are clearly labeled by type. To try a more specific search you can narrow it down on the ‘Document Search’ page by selecting from the many options such as document type or issuing division of LDEQ.  To search for violations or penalty notices select ‘Compliance’ as the document type.
  • When you find a document you wish to view simply click on it and the document will come up on the screen along with a brief description about it and its length. From here you can view the document on your screen or download it to your computer, print it out or even email.
  • Congratulations! Thousands of Environmental Records are now at your fingertips! For move information, a tutorial and full manual for the database can be found on the logon page.


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