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Government: Find Maps of Congressional Districts?

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United States government agencies have a large number of maps available online. As well as general maps there are many that cover specific topics and data that has already been prepared and is readily available to download or print.  Maps cover a wide variety of characteristics, not just geographical but also political and economic amongst many others.  One of the great features of these maps is that they can often be customized, so you can create maps that show exactly what you are looking for, allowing the combination of different layers.

To find the maps of the United States Congressional districts:

  • On this page you will find a list of maps and Congressional districts is one of them. The other alternative is type ‘congressional districts' into the search box at the top of the main page and this will also bring you there.
  • Next select ‘map list' and from here you can choose the area for the map, you can select a national map, a state map or a map of individual districts. By looking at the general state map this can help you identify the district numbers around the state and which ones you would like to see in more detail.
  • Then when your map is opened up simply save or print.

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