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Legal: How do I find state bills and laws?

Introduction to finding state bills and laws

The Basics

The Louisiana Legislature makes available to the public complete legislative histories of every bill that has undergone the legislative process since the 1997 regular session forward. This information is located at

These histories include the following:

  • Bill Sponsors/Co-Sponsors
  • Filing Dates
  • Committee votes and actions
  • All amended versions of a bill
  • House and Senate vote tallies
  • The "fate" of a bill, i.e. did it die in committee, was it vetoed, did it become law, etc.


How to search for bills

The legislature provides a very substantial guide about how to search for legislative information. We encourage you to read through it here:

Here are the three most common ways to search for a bill.

Bill Number or Bill Number Range

This is perhaps the easiest search.  If you know the number of the bill you would like to read about, or the number range, you can enter that number in either the search box labeled "View a specific instrument" or "View a range of instruments."

Bills by Legislative Member

Sometimes you would like to see all of the legislation proposed, sponsored, or co-sponsored by a member fo the legislature for each session.  You can view this information by choosing the "View a list of instruments by legislator" option.  There is a drop down menu with a roster of all the legislators for each legislative session. 

Bills by Committee

You can also search for bills by the committee responsible for formulating the language of a bill, amending it, and ultimately presenting it to the larger legislative body.  Each house of the legislature has its own standing committees.

How to Search for laws

Already established laws

Searching for bills that have already become law is somewhat simpler than searching for bills.  In fact, the legislature houses a one-stop shop for locating Louisiana laws at this website:

This site allows you to search the following bodies of Louisiana law:

  • CA Constitution Ancillaries  
  • CE Code of Evidence  
  • JRULE Joint Rules
  • CC Civil Code  
  • CHC Children's Code  
  • RS Revised Statutes
  • CCP Code of Civil Procedure  
  • CONST Louisiana Constitution  
  • SRULE Senate Rules
  • CCRP Code of Criminal Procedure  
  • HRULE House Rules

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