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Louisiana Legal Information Lines

Stumped by a legal question?  These legal information hotlines are provided by Louisiana-based law school and court law libraries. Staff members have received legal research training and are often themselves lawyers.

Legal Assistance Groups

From the criminal to the civil and all points in between, these groups can assist you in your legal needs.

LexisNexis is now Nexis Uni

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Baton Rouge Bar Foundation Pro Bono Project

Know Your Rights Webinar Recordings

Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator

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Getting Started with Legal Information

The East Baton Rouge Parish Public Library has a great number of legal informational resources at your disposal. Any and all resources presented here or provided by the East Baton Rouge Parish Library are purely informational in nature and have not been reviewed by legal professionals. These materials are to be used solely at your discretion. The library does not and cannot endorse the accuracy nor applicability of this information to your unique legal needs. The library and its staff does not and can in no way advise you on any matters of the law. Please be advised that even seemingly simple legal tasks can be complex procedures that are often best left to the guidance of professionals. The library encourages you to seek professional legal assistance and advice first and foremost in all legal matters.

Gale LegalForms

Access hundreds of legal forms specific to Lousiana with the click of a button. Browse by topic or choose from an A to Z list. Forms are available in Word and Rich Text Format.