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Arts & Culture: Mardi Gras in the Rest of Louisiana

Information on Arts & Culture in our area and throughout the state.

Mardi Gras Courir

Courir de Mardi Gras (the running of Mardi Gras) is a traditional event that takes place in rural SW Louisiana on Mardi Gras day.  Participants dress in traditional costumes that have their roots in Medieval Europe, and then travel (or run) from farm to farm gathering ingredients for the gumbo pot.   (Mostly it's an excuse to get drunk and chase chickens...)

The courir is run in many communities in S. Louisiana, with the Mamou courir being probably the most famous.

Courir du Mardi Gras - Iota, LA

Though the households to be visited along the route are pre-arranged, the capitaine asks permission from the head of the house for the Mardi Gras to enter. When the capitaine waves his flag, the Mardi Gras dismount the truck and approach the house, chanting their song in unison. The Tee Mamou song, different from the better known versions of Basile or Mamou, is performed without instruments and is closely related to an ancient New Year's Eve begging song found in France, French Canada. (Eric Breaux)

Statewide Mardi Gras

Links to other Mardi Gras celebrations in the state.