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Making @ The Library: 3D Printing at the Library

Imagine, Make, Create, and Build @ The Library

What is 3D Printing?

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library is now offering 3D Printing. Choose a preselected model from our list, choose a model from Thingiverse, or submit your own design!  3D Printer Submission Form

What is 3D Printing?

  • Process that creates solid objects from various materials based on a digital design
  • Rather than cutting, objects are created by printing layers of material combined to produce a physical object
  • Next evolutionary step from toner on a page and will transform manufacturing
  • All you need is a 3D model or .STL file created in 3D design software or from places such as Thingiverse.

Why 3D Printing

  • Gaining experience with 3D Printing can make other technology more approachable
  • 3D Printing is multidisciplinary. The design and creation process involves each facet of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics
  • It promotes understanding of the design process, from birth to creation
  • Empowering for students to see a design become a tangible thing
  • Teaches spatial awareness, and helps visualize how shapes exist in 3D
  • Promotes problem solving

3D Printer Submission Form

How Do I Find Designs for 3D Printing?

Create Your Own Designs