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River Center Branch MakerSpace: Makerspace Hours of Operation

Hours of Innovation

The River Center Branch (RCB) Library MAKERSPACE has Open Time/Hours of Innovation each week!

Please see our monthly Makerspace calendar and Library Events calendar for details!

Take a 3D tour of the Makerspace HERE, or come in for a tour in person! Attend one of our equipment badging classes, participate in a Pop-in-Program, or just to try your hand at tinkering! To use the Makerspace independently and outside of Open Time Hours of Innovation, patrons must complete the full badging process and then reserve the station equipment or software online. Open Time/Hours of Innovation operate on a First-come-First-served basis.
Learn more about our Badging Process HERE.

Programming Options

Baton Rouge Maker Faire

Call For Makers

Makerspace Programming Options

This is the way! 

Get Your Makerspacer Badge

Interested in getting badged? Check out our badging classes, manuals, and quizzes HERE! To fully badge, patrons must complete a lab practical exercise, completing all the steps learned without assistance to successfully create a product. To learn, you can do some self study or join us for a badging class at the RCB Makerspace!

Personalized Adventure Mugs

RCB Makerspace Badging Program Events

Beginner Laser Cutter Badging Class

Laser cutters are a great tool for a variety of projects! Come learn how to use the CO2 laser cutter at the RCB Makerspace and get a basic introduction to the CorelDRAW design software installed on our computers for patron use. 

For this Beginner Badging Class, patrons will have the opportunity to practice different types of engraving or cutting settings on various materials to see what works best, how, and why! You can review the Procedures and Safety Rules and the Pathways to Badging on our Infoguide page.

Note: this class does not earn you the Laser Cutter Badge you must still pass the Laser Cutter Practical.

Beginner Sewing Badging Class

Take this class to learn the basics of safe sewing machine operation on our Brother HC1850. Completion of the class and a lab practical earns you a badge that will allow you to schedule time to use the machine whenever it is available! Learn more about the badging practice here

This is a two-on-one class, so be sure to register to reserve your spot.

Note: this class does not earn you the Sewing Badge you must still pass the Sewing practical.

Intermediate Laser Cutter Badging Class

Join us to Level Up your skills on the Laser Cutter. For the Intermediate Laser Cutter Badging Class, you will train on how to use the rotary attachment for the laser cutter. The rotary attachment allows you to mark and engrave on cylindrical objects, like a wine glass or thermos. Feel free to bring in your own glass or jar to etch on or use available Makerspace materials during this Level Up intermediate badging class! Patrons sign up for their practical after completing the class using LibCal. Learn more about the badging process on the River Center Branch Makerspace Infoguide page.

Beginner Cricut Badging Class

The beginner badging class covers the basics of creating in the Cricut Design Space software and operating the flagship Cricut Maker machine, available in our River Center Branch Makerspace! You will learn about the various materials and tools available to you when you come into the Makerspace, as well as how to purchase additional materials, or get personal materials approved in advance for use on our equipment. 

For the badging class, participants will be provided a 4" x 4" cut of sticker vinyl for use in their prototype design (selection from available color options). Scrap materials are also available to patrons for free. Additional vinyl (materials) can be purchased at cost @rcbmakerspace. See our Makerspace Consumables list here. Check out our infoguide page to learn more about the Makerspace equipment and badging options!

Note: this class does not earn you the Cricut Badge you must still pass the Cricut practical.

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