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Mid City Micro-Con 2021: Local Shops

Celebrating diverse & inclusive comics, creators, & fans

Baton Rouge shops

We are Tere & James Hyfield, a husband and wife team of book sellers chasing our dream of opening up a neighborhood book store in Baton Rouge, LA. We believe in the power of storytelling, and offer a carefully curated selection of books that we hope inspires a love of reading. 

541 South Eugene Dr. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70806


1152 S Acadian Thruway, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806



                blerdish image

Blerd-ish (Keith Cooper & Mark Wallace)





We are the Blerd.ish! podcast and comic book pop up shop. We are a couple of "blerds" who love Marvel, DC, movies, and various things from anime to indie comics. One of our goals is to highlight as many independent creators through our podcast.  We also are distribution for independent artists and we sell for them at various events.  We are in the process of creating our own comic styled coloring book based on our experiences and the things we enjoy.

New Orleans shops

Crescent City Comics is dedicated to spreading awareness of how versatile the comics medium can be! We carry not only a wide variety of superhero titles from Marvel and DC, but also a great number of non-superhero comics and graphic novels, including crime, auto-biographies, true stories and tie-ins to movies/TV/novels like Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Serenity and more. Even if you've never read a comic, we guarantee we can find a book that interests you!

3135 Calhoun St, New Orleans, LA 70125

Tubby & Coo's Is A Local, Queer-Owned, Progressive, Nerdy, Independent Book Shop In Mid-City New Orleans Focused On Science Fiction And Fantasy, Queer, And Diverse Books.

432 N Anthony St, New Orleans, LA 70119


More Fun Comics is New Orleans longest running comic book shop. Continuously operating since 1990.

8200 Oak Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70118