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New Catalog: Credit Card

Step 1

Credit card payments are now accepted through the My Account portal. 

1. Once signed in to your account, click on the "Payments due" menu option.

Step 2

2. Select the item(s) you wish to pay by clicking the checkbox to the left of the item(s).

Then click the "Pay Now" button below the list of items.

Step 3

3. A service fee of $0.20 will be added to your payment.  If you wish to continue, click Yes.  If you wish to cancel the transaction, click No.

Step 4

4. Enter your credit card and billing information and click the Continue button.

Step 5

5. Review the information you entered.  If it is correct, click Confirm.  If it is not correct, click Modify to change the information.

Step 6

6.  Review the amount that will be paid.  The Service Fee of $0.20 is included on this screen.  If it is correct, click Submit. If you wish to cancel the payment, click Cancel.

Step 7

7.  A receipt of the payment transaction is shown.  You may:
    a.    Choose the Click here to continue button to return to your account.
    b.    Choose the Print receipt button to print a receipt.
   c.    Choose the Print screen button to print everything that is shown on the page.

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