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Baton Rouge Room: How to use the Baton Rouge Room Catalog

This page will help patrons learn about and search the Baton Rouge Room collection.

How to Navigate the Baton Rouge Room Catalog

The Homepage

After navigating to the Baton Rouge Room Catalog either from the Baton Rouge Room Infoguide or the Digital Library, you should see a screen that looks like the one above.

There are a few ways to use the Baton Rouge Room Catalog. You can: browse by collection or subject or by basic or advanced keyword searching.


To browse by collection, select the Collection tab at the top of the homepage above the search field. This open to a list of all of the archival collections including information about the scope and contents of the collection, the date range, and the identifier.

You can use the filters on the right to narrow the results, and there is even the capability of searching within the results using the search field above the filter.

Searching the Database

Basic Search

From the homepage, you can enter the search term you'd like to search in the search field and click Search.

Advanced Search

To perform an advanced search, enter your search term then adjust the parameters using the drop-down selections to the right where you can: choose to search all record types or limit to collections (no series, sub-series, files, or items will appear in your results), search within specific metadata fields such as title, identifier, subject, etc., and a date range. You can add additional search terms to your query by adding lines to the form. Simply click the +, adjust your Boolean parameters and add the additional term and parameters where required.

Inspecting a Collection

To view a collection, click on the title. The collection landing page will open to show basic information about the collection such as the scope and contents, the biographical history, dates, size, and restrictions.

You can also get a broad view of how the collection is organized and the containers by clicking the Collection Organization tab or the Container Inventory. All records listed in these categories are linked which makes finding what you are looking for easy.

Collection Organization

Container Inventory

You can also navigate through the collection using the Collection Organization record tree on the right of the page. The right side of the page can be expanded too if you need more space to browse.

Requesting To See Materials

Requesting via the website

Click the Request button at the top of the record tree and fill out the form. You will receive a confirmation email upon submission of the form.

Call or email

  • Call us at 225-231-3752
  • Email Emily or Melissa at eward[at] or meastin[at]