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Baton Rouge Room: How do I search the Baton Rouge Digital Archive?

This page will help patrons learn about and search the Baton Rouge Room collection.

Baton Rouge Digital Archive

Click image to navigate to the Baton Rouge Digital Archive.


  • Start with a broad search using the search bar at the top right of the page.
  • Use the filters on the left hand side of the results page to narrow search by:
    • Collection title
    • Subject
    • Creator
    • Date
    • Title
    • Identifier
  • Advanced Search:
    • Click on "Advanced Search" link under the search bar on top right of page.
    • You can keyword search in the following fields (Bolded fields are most useful):
      • Title
      • Subject
      • Description
      • Creator
      • Publisher 
      • Contributors
      • Date
      • Type 
      • Format
      • Identifier
      • Source
      • Language
      • Relation 
      • Coverage (typically always Baton Rouge, (La.))
      • Rights
      • Audience
  • If you need assistance, call the Special Collections department at 225-231-3752.


Below is a guide to assist with navigation of the digital archive.  The colored arrows point to an area or section of a page on the digital archive.  To find out more about the highlighted areas see the color coded descriptions below.  

Color Codes for Arrows:


Basic Search Bar

Advanced Search

Color Codes:

Internal pages

External pages

Color Codes for Arrows:

Landing page for an individual collection. Click "Browse" to browse items in single collection.

Color Codes for Arrows:

Click on the subjects to see results with these terms in their subject metadata.

Check the box to include results from individual collections or check "Select All Collections" to search all collections.

Select "Show More" to show additional options.  Make sure to "Update" if you check a box for additional collections.

Color Codes for Arrows:



Color Codes for Arrows:


Search within a PDF document for text.