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Baton Rouge Room: How to search the EBRPL Web Archive

This page will help patrons learn about and search the Baton Rouge Room collection.

Navigating Archive-it

How to use the EBRPL Web Archive for Research

Accessing the Archive-it website:

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library Web Archive can be accessed by searching East Baton Rouge Parish Library under the "Explore Collecting Organizations." You can also access it through The Digital Library and selecting EBRPL Web Archive or by clicking here.

You should see this box at the top of the landing page:

Search Options: 

1.) Search field: Type in the name of a collection, a URL, or a keyword.  All archived sites are indexed and keyword searchable.  This makes it possible for the system to utilize text from the websites and individual pages to pull results.  

 2.) Narrow results of a search using filters:  Filters are found on the left-hand side of the screen.  Results can be narrowed by "Subject," "Creator," "Publisher," "Date," "Language," "Coverage," and "Collector."  

3.) Browse by collection or by site: There are three tabs at the top of the results page labeled "Collection," "Sites," and "Search Page Text." The first two allow you to browse through our collections or individual sites.  The last tab instructs the user to type keywords into the search box.  

Inspecting the archived website:

1.) Select the the URL you would like to inspect by clicking on the site URL.  The results page will provide at minimum a title, URL, capture information, and the number of videos captured.  As cataloging continues, more data will be added to these records to provide users additional support for finding content. 

2.) Select the date you would like to inspect from the calendar page.  The date indicates the capture date and will play back a website just as it appeared and functioned on the day it was captured.  This is not the active site.  For the most up to date information on a site you must navigate to the site outside of Archive-it.  

3.) Use the site like you would an active site! Notice at the top of the site there is a tan banner that indicates you are looking at an archived copy of the site.  You will also see information about the capture (date and time stamps) as well a link to the item's metadata.