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Mid City Micro-Con 2019: Building Worlds, Breaking Molds: Cosplay Rules and Competition Guide

All Things Cosplay!

2019 Cosplay contest rules are posted below!


Rules for All Cosplayers

1. All costumes must be suitable for a family-friendly event. Suitability is determined by library staff. If you have questions about your costume's appropriateness, please email prior to the event.

2. Nudity or the illusion of nudity is not allowed. 

3. Profanity (including messages on clothing) is not allowed.

4. Obscene or offensive costumes are not allowed. Suitability is determined by library staff. If you have questions about your costume's appropriateness, please email prior to the event.

5. All prop weapons must adhere to the library's weapons policy. If you have questions about your prop's appropriateness, please email prior to the event.

  • Prop weapons that are made of light materials such as foam, cardboard, or wood are permissible. Prop firearms and other weapons must not be so realistic that they could be mistaken for actual weapons. Barrels of all prop firearms must have brightly colored caps in the barrels.
  • No functional firearms (including airsoft guns, pantball guns, etc.) or realistic-looking firearms that might be confused with functional firearms.
  • No projectile weapons of any type, including water guns.
  • No metal-bladed weapons, including swords.
  • No real blunt weapons, such as nunchaku or brass knuckles
  • No hard prop weapons made of metal or fiberglass
  • no fireworks or explosives

Library staff reserve the right to ask anyone to leave or change at their discretion.

A Few Words on Race & Cosplay

"Cosplay is an expression of fandom for a character, which is why many cosplayers will create characters from outside their own race. Many westerners who cosplay anime characters partake in this practice, as well as cosplayers portraying alien races from films such as Avatar. Race-bending in cosplay is generally accepted as long as costumes are respectful. But it is important to be aware that when cosplaying outside of your own race, it is essential to be sensitive to elements of your costume that could be considered offensive. For example, it is never acceptable to use blackface or brownface when cosplaying, even if you are trying to be as authentic as possible. When the race is fictional, for example, the Na'vi race of Pandora (Avatar) or Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, you can feel free to alter your skin to blue, green, and so on. Don't forget that cosplay is supposed to be fun. You should cosplay characters that you admire and identify with, regardless of race; just be considerate of others."

-Excerpt from Chapter 7 of Cosplay in Libraries: How to Embrace Costume Play in Your Library by Ellyssa Kroski

A Few Words on Harassment & Cosplay Etiquette

All patrons must abide by East Baton Rouge Parish Library's Rules of Behavior for Patrons, which you can read here, along with our other library policies. These rules state, "Physical, verbal, or sexual harassment of library patrons or staff will not be tolerated."

The cosplay community has spoken out against issues of harassment and poor etiquette at cons. You can learn more about the movement and how to avoid harassment and breaches of etiquette at Geeks for CONsent or Cosplay is Not Consent. Here are some general rules to follow:

  •  Always ask permission before taking a cosplayer's photo.
  • Always ask permission before touching another con-goer or their property.
  • Do not catcall.
  • Remember that the artists and cosplayers are human beings and treat them accordingly.



Competition Guide

Cosplay Criteria & Guidelines

Overall Guidelines

Participants for this contest do not have to meet a certain percentage of craftsmanship to enter. However, crafted costumes, props, etc. are highly encouraged.


Judging is done on a first-come/serve basis. This is a hallway costume contest, meaning there will be no on-stage judging. Participants will approach (or will be approached) by judge(s) for presentation.



Judging Criteria

  • Originality/Creativity
  • Accuracy
  • Construction/Craftsmanship
  • Effort
  • Embodiment of Character
  • Overall Effect


  • Kids (10 and Under)
  • Teens (11 – 18)
  • Adults (19 and Over)
  • Group
  • Judge’s Choice (Creativity Award)
  • Overall/Best-in-Show

Categories may be combined to reflect participation.



  • Participants can register in advance by emailing the completed registration form (link below) to on or before April 22, 2019.
  • There will also be in-person registration forms at the event for those who do not register in advance.



  • The goal of judging is to display and weight the extent of a cosplay’s build/craftsmanship to the judge(s) in-person.
  • Participants will be prompted on the contest’s rules & instructions upon entry into the contest.

Judging: (12:45pm – 2:00pm)

  • Judging will take place in Conference Room B. Participants will be approached according to the order in which they registered. Those who registered on site must present their completed form.
  • Judge(s) will ask for details of the costume including but not limited to:


- Character(s) Name

- Series of Origin

- Items made /bought/modified

- Materials used

- Time-frame of crafted items



  • Photos of each entry will be taken during judging for further review after each participant interview. This allows the judge(s) ample time to evaluate the cosplay. Posed photos will be available on the MCMC event page.
  • The duration of each interview should not exceed 5 minutes. Judge(s) should be informed of any previously won awards.
  • As this is a hallway cosplay contest, participants will not be required to present or pose on stage. However, cosplayers are welcomed and encouraged to show off their hard work to the con’s crowd throughout the day.
  • Participants may leave the room after their judging session is complete.


Awards: (4:45-5:00 pm)

  • All participants are requested to meet back in Conference Room B for the awards ceremony. Please be ready by 4:30 pm.
  • Based on the judging earlier that day, our judge(s) will reveal the winners for each category. When your name is called, please step up to receive your award. Winners must be present to receive the award.




  • Con staff has the right to deny/disqualify any entry at any time and for any reason, and the incident will be handled accordingly based on the severity of the situation. This includes participants improperly or dishonestly presenting their costume.
  • Violations of any rule in any form may result in disqualification and possible removal from the convention area.
  • All costumes and props must be self-contained (ie no projectiles).
  • Please keep all costumes PG (no nudity).
  • Participants may only enter once and wear one costume. Participants may not enter as both an individual and a group member.
  • Library employees, panelists, and invited guest cosplayers are ineligible to compete.

*Rules adapted from Chapter 6 of Cosplay in Libraries: How to Embrace Costume Play in Your Library by Ellysa Kroski

Cosplay Judge: Ninja YoYo

Ninja YoYo Cosplay

Cosplay Contest Coordinator and Judge


Ninja Yoyo Cosplay (more commonly known as Cheri) is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana based cosplayer originally from Mississippi. This Southern Miss and LSU alumna is a Graphic Designer by day, Cosplayer by night, and has been cosplaying for just over 5 years, and her looks are generally influenced by anime and comics. During her spare time, Ninja Yoyo is a moderator for the Extraordinary Journey of a Black Nerd Facecbook group, where she helps organize its #28DaysofBlackCosplay project, and she has also contributed articles for the EJOBN and Gathering of Geeks blogs in the past. In addition to this awesome con, she has plans to attend: Louisianime, MomoCon, Big Easy Con, and MechaCon.

Cosplay Judge: Lady Luna of Cajun Moon Creations

Cajun Moon Creations

Worskhop Presenter, Wig Demo; Cosplay Contest Coordinator & Judge




Lady Luna Loveless is an award winning cosplayer and owner of Cajun Moon Creations. She is a professional seamstress and wig stylist from Lafayette Louisiana.

Cosplay Emcee





A supporter of all things creative, she fell in love with music passionately watching her father flourish as a percussionists growing up! Music, as it stems deep within the heritage of her family has become a large part of her life. She is no stranger to the fashion world as she uses bold styles to express her own creative views on a daily accord, capturing them one photo at a time. In her own right she appreciates all things considered art and is working to showcase all of the local talent she can, all while sharing her fitness journey! She is a Nerdy Bird trying to spread the word about local upcoming artist!