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Mid City Micro-Con 2019: Building Worlds, Breaking Molds: LSU's SLIS & EBRPL Partnership




Much like the superheroes in some of our favorite graphic novels, two great institutions have joined forces to create wonderful panels and invite amazing guests for this event. The Louisiana State University School of Library and Information (LSU SLIS) is a proud sponsor of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library's Mid City Micro-Con!

Internship Partnership

Since the fall of 2018, SLIS students have interned with the East Baton Rouge Parish Library to assist with the planning and implementation of the Mid City Micro-Con. Inaugural intern and SLIS alumna Nicollette Davis (right) and current intern and SLIS student Erica Villani (left) are pictured above. The interns gain valuable experience about leadership, community engagement, library programming, outreach, diversity & inclusion, teamwork, and so much more! At the end of their internship, students contribute at least 120 hours of work towards the Mid City Micro-Con. The skills and experiences gained with the EBRPL internship will provide a rich foundation for future librarians to be trailblazers in their careers.

Learn More About LSU SLIS!

The LSU School of Library & Information Science (SLIS) provides a 100% online prestigious education in library and information science. It is the home of the Master of Library and Information Science, which is the only program accredited by the American Library Association in the state of Louisiana. SLIS offers, dual degree with the Department of History, undergraduate minor, and four certificate options. SLIS is part of the College of Human Sciences & Education.  

SLIS awards the Master in Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree and Graduate Certificates in Records and Information Management, and School Librarianship. SLIS also offers a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Library Science, an undergraduate minor in Library Science, and a Communication-Intensive undergraduate general education course, LIS 2000, Introduction to Information and Society. 

This program of study prepares graduates for 21st century opportunities and challenges of preserving our cultural heritage, organizing and managing information, providing instruction in accessing and using information, teaching early literacy skills and encouraging reading and lifelong learning, and creating welcoming community and public spaces and places.

To learn more about the SLIS program at LSU, please visit the website: 

List of Sponsored Programs

We are thankful for the LSU SLIS program for sponsoring our Arts & Comics Market as well as the following workshops:
Wigged Out Workshop by Cajun Moon Creations
Life as a Working Artist with Katie Armentrout
Designing Diverse Characters with Daniel Strickland
Cosplay Anyway with TaLynn Kel

Making the Connection

The SLIS program at LSU prepares students for careers in various fields. On the graduate-level, future Librarians and Information Management Professionals study a wide variety of courses to learn how to best serve their patrons and/or organization. Graduate students learn about leadership, diversity (in collection management and patronage), emerging technologies, community analysis, project collaboration, and critical thinking skills. Allowing students to have real world experiences with all of these things before they enter the library workforce is beneficial for all, including libraries and information centers. This internship was designed for students to be an active part of their field and local community. The work experiences and connections gained are invaluable to the East Baton Rouge Parish Library and SLIS students!