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Genealogy: Coronavirus Info

Genealogy resources.

Introductory Class Guides

Keep Moving!

Get Some Firsthand Knowledge: Now is a great time to get in touch with some family members. Grab a notebook and pen and settle in with the phone to take notes. Send an email and see if anyone in your family is willing to discuss your history. Get in touch with some of your matches from your DNA tests. Send a message to that fellow researcher you've been meaning to contact.

Researching Online: The Digital Library has many, many resources for online research. Check out the Links section below for a few of our favorite research sites, or check out our affiliate sites through The Digital Library. Browse "By Subject" at the top of the page beneath the navigation banner, then select "Genealogy" for a complete listing of the library's partner sites. All you need is your library card!

Organize: Now is a great time to organize your research! Visit the Organization and Software tab at the top of the page to find links to some forms that can help you get a grasp on your genealogy paperwork. There are also links to some excellent software programs, many of which are available for purchase and download right from home.

Brush Up On Your Knowledge: While we aren't able to be open and holding classes the way we'd like to right now, did you know that you can access all of the library's Powerpoints and class notes right from the Infoguide? Simply click the Classes Offered tab at the top of the page and browse the Annotated Class Guides section on the right of the page. A selection of guides for beginners has been linked on the left of this page for your convenience, too.

Some of Our Favorite Links

Our collection of resources through the Digital Library is expansive, but there's always more to learn. Check out a few of our other favorite sites below. None of these require a library card to access!

Announcements and Information

All library branches are currently closed, but be sure to check back here for updates about upcoming classes and events!