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How Do I Choose the Right Database?: Getting Started

A subject guide to our databases.

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How Do I Choose?!?


Picking the right database for your research can be a daunting proposition!  Most of the time, the database names don't tell you much about the content and there are too many descriptions to read through...  AARRGGHH!!

Not to worry!  We've created this "How Do I?" guide to help you wade through the morass of databases and get you started on the right research path.

Click the links on the left to get started.  You'll notice that they link to broad topics -- science, literature, health...  All you have to do is choose your topic and we'll point you to the database or databases to help you get the information you need!

Call us at 231-3750 and we'll tell you the best source for what you are trying to find out.

Please note:   If you are at home, you will have to login with your library card number when you click on a database. 

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